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What are the DUI Offences and Correspoding Punishments Mandated by Phoenix DMV?

In Phoenix, Arizona, the Phoenix DMV reigns supreme over road offenders. It takes it upon itself to control traffic violations and instances of drunken driving. DUI or driving under influence offences in Phoenix requires a thorough explanation.

There are DUI laws in Phoenix under the administration of the Phoenix DMV, which are targeted at preventing drivers from getting behind the wheel after drinking. The main base for these laws is the blood alcohol concentration percentage that has been pegged at 0.08 percent. The department of motor vehicles may stop you on suspicion of a DUI offence. You have to act accordingly.

If the officer asks for your identity verification, you have to provide your license and registration. If you cannot find them or fumble around too much while searching for them, it will seem like you have had too much to drink. So be composed and provide identification proof without any fumbling.

You should also refuse to take sudden field tests. These involve the performing of basic functions such as counting on your fingers, walking on a line, saying the alphabet, following a light with your eyes and holding a leg up while counting and so on. There is no legal pre-requisite for you to take these tests. Whatever you do here, might be used against you as evidence. Do not get intimated by the commands of the officers. Just stay polite and refuse to abide by such tests.

Officers will want to search your car and they may phrase this desire with questions, which may seem commonplace or friendly. If they have a search warrant, they will search you anyway. If not, they will ask you for your permission. You must always say no firmly and boldly. This will make it seem like you are in control.

They will want to ask you some questions regarding what you drank and so on. You have to be bold enough to keep it short and not say anything, which might be potentially damaging. You might want to consult your attorney. Even if you do not, just reiteration of an attorney will keep things in control.

Remember, cooperation is the key element here. Also, maintain a cool head, talk soberly and answer as many questions properly as you can.

Creating such a good impression may lead to minor charges or total relief from DUI convictions in Phoenix altogether. This will also have a bearing on your car insurance plan so try to be as responsible as you can. You should be on the lookout for every opportunity to prove your sobriety and normal condition after drinking. If you are relieved from facing such charges, you can be assured of getting good insurance plans and your driving record will get a boost as well.

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