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The Punishments of Violating the DWI and DUI Laws of Phoenix

Strict punishment for drunk drivers in Phoenix

Cars have been a thing to look out for. The craze of car fanatics has been a prime reason for the hike in car sales over the last decade. One main important law that you have to follow once you have brought a car is to get auto insurance.

If you are caught for violating traffic laws, it is better not to fight back. Traffic enforcers can precede chemical tests to know if you took the risk to drive while intoxicated. This is a very reliable method. The punishment for committing such crime is severe even for first time offenders.

Phoenix cheap car insurance can cover for the damages. Accidents due to reckless driving will not only going to cost you financially but can also satin your clean driving record. You can suffer financial loss, imprisonment, community service, mandatory ignition lock and confiscation of your license and car registration.

The penalties and punishments depend on the level of BAC found on your system. The higher it is, the more serious the consequences could be. It also depends how many times the same violation has been done. This will be seen on your driving history. The difference for the punishment for first time offenders from three times offender. Violating the DWI or DUI law more than three times can be called habitual violator.

One other risk you can suffer with DWI law violation. It can get you to higher cost and premium for your auto insurance. The worst scenario is getting it cancelled by your insurance company. The most important thing you can to avoid traffic violation is to drive as careful as you can. You can even republish your driving skills by getting driving courses. Install safety features on your vehicle and use your car less often.

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