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The Comprehensive Guide of Phoenix DMV of DWI Offences

The Phoenix DMV has always been a much feared body and authority in the area due to the strict enforcement of its laws regarding DWI or DUI offences. Such offences usually merit harsh punishments and the department of motor vehicles makes no exception in this regard for offenders. There are many things that you may need to know about Phoenix DWI laws and corresponding penalties. Proper knowledge will also lead to more responsibility and lesser accidents for fear of the law.

The Phoenix DMV usually classifies such offences under types:


The blood alcohol concentration should be within 0.08%, which is the upper limit for adults. Anything above this is risky and merits severe punishment. Anything which goes up to the upper limits of 0.15% or more is more risky, as the punishments are of the worst kind.

All this is determined via respective chemical tests, which the driver should mandatorily take. Alongside, if a driver is reluctant or refuses to take the chemical test, he or she will automatically charged of a driving under influence or Phoenix DUI offence, which is comparatively less harsh.

There is also a screening process for those into substance abuse. If the court and officials of the department determine that the offender has a history of substance abuse, then the court may direct him/her to report for counseling, educational programs and rehabilitation, all of which he/she is bound to follow. All such programs have to be approved by the Department of health and additional authorities wherever required. In addition, the incumbent is even more directed by the court to take part in these programs especially if he/she has the financial resources to do so.

The driving license of offenders’ remains suspended until these offenders have completed the mandatory counseling programs. In addition, licenses are kept on probation for a total duration of up to 3 years if not more. If the offence is serious and leads to deaths or severe injuries of bystanders, there will be jail time and severe fines that you will have to pay.

What you will require is an efficient lawyer who will fight the case appropriately and get you the verdict you rightfully deserve! It is advisable to consult a good lawyer before opting to fight a case. The best way possible is to avoid any such offences and to drive safe.

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