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Is Phoenix Under Fault Insurance System?

As one is well aware of many rules about car insurance, it depends largely on the state laws. Most of the states of the United State of America have same car insurance laws but there are some basic differences. While some of the states belong to the Fault insurance group, there are others, which belong to the no fault insurance groups. There are minimum limits of policy sums fixed by the states, yet it is never enough to fetch you a policy from a state registered insurance company. These are some of the facts, which one has to deal with, and you must be aware of the laws and the pros and cons of it to make the situation in your favor.

The Difference You Need To Know

The type of car insurance coverage that you will get with your policy depends a lot on the state in which you are residing. The most important difference is made by the fact as to whether your state is a fault or no fault insurance state. Whatever your auto insurance quotes in Phoenix might be it will all come down to the fact that Arizona, the state under which Phoenix falls is a fault insurance state.

The fault insurance system, which is more commonly known as the tort vehicle insurance system, is rather a very traditional method. Due to this particular system of the law in case of an accident, the not at fault driver’s chances of claiming his insurance from various avenues open up. For example, if your car meets with an accident in Phoenix then according to the fault insurance laws, you can charge your claim from these possible avenues.

–          One is from your own insurance company

–          Second is from the insurance company of the driver of the car who is believed to be at fault

–          Moreover, you can charge a lawsuit on being physically injured against the driver.

This is the basic scenario in Phoenix. So when you look through those auto insurance quotes in Phoenix, make sure you keep the fact that Phoenix is a fault insurance state. Due to certain moral difficulties rising from the various tort system is countered by many states by using a no fault insurance policy where such claims cannot be made by the affected driver.

Why Pay More Than Stated By The Law?

Apart from this, you will also find that each state has their liability minimum coverage limits set, yet when you go through the various auto insurance quotes in Phoenix you will find that even the minimum of them is more than that stated by the state. However, as per calculations and the general cost of things while living in a place you will see that the amounts quoted by the state will not suit much of your purposes when the time comes. Hence be ready to pay a few more bucks for your premium and you will be able to enjoy maximum benefits! This is not impeaching the law in any way it is just securing your financial safety.

Learn the basic differences and the general requirements try to understand them, take your agent’s help, and in tune with the law get yourself proper and legal car insurance!