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How to Deal with DUI Offences and Phoenix DMV?

The Phoenix DMV has many harsh measures in place to curb DUI offences. What will you do if a DUI offence is suspected on you or suddenly placed on you? You need to deal with the situation in a firm manner that involves many steps.

You should always cooperate with all facets of the investigation. If you are required to take certain tests such as a blood test or urine test, this falls under the law of implied consent and you had implicitly consented when you were issued your driver’s license. You should never show reluctance if you are stopped for such a purpose. Failure or reluctance to take this test would mean a suspension of license for a year even if there is no DUI offence that you are directly accused of the same. If the license were suspended because of DUI violations in Phoenix, it would mean a suspension of almost 30 to 90 days.

A form always asks you whether you want to preserve a sample or waive it off altogether. Never opt for waiving your sample, as it would be a wrong step to take. Always arrange to have a test done on your own at any other hospital. There are chances that the BAC might well be lower than 0.08 percent. This will help you substantiate your case.

You should also ask for a hearing at the Phoenix DMV center within a period of fifteen days if you want to save your precious license from being suspended. You will be given a form and this contains a paragraph, which will tell you how to request a hearing for saving your license.

You are not required to have an attorney if you are charged with a DUI offence. Usually, a court will appoint a qualified attorney for you. You may however choose to appoint one in the middle of your case if you feel that you need to have a strong point of defense for your case. Walking in and pleading guilty will sometimes do well other than fighting the case yourself. If you have the required domain knowledge, you can fight it yourself but for that, you need to have the ability to question witnesses and police officers all by yourself.

If you have to hire a personal injury attorney, you are well advised to go for somebody who has experience in handling DUI cases. An experienced lawyer may be able to overturn the charges against you largely. A good advocate will not alienate the other side and keep you on track as well.

These are the steps to follow when dealing with DUI cases. Remember, the most important thing is to stay calm and focused on getting the best possible result for you.

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