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Auto Insurance in Phoenix How To Save Up to 50%

If you want to cut your Auto Insurance Rates by 30%, 40% or up to 50% and more, then read these 7 tips… Check this inforgraphic out:

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How To Finally Stop Overpaying for Auto Insurance In Phoenix – The Facts Revealed

If you want to cut your Auto Insurance Rate in Phoenix by 30%, 40% or even more than 50%, then you need to know about the following Facts. Check this inforgraphic out:

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Seven Coverages you Can Add to Your Phoenix Auto Insurance Policy

Arizona is one of the southern states of the United States of America. Being a desert state, it is characterized by the vast stretches of sand and hot weather. It boasts of a multicultural population.

The state of Arizona enforces auto insurance by law. In other words, every vehicle driven or parked in the streets of Arizona must possess auto insurance. Now why do we need to insure our cars? In case there is an accident, the insurance pays for the damages caused and hence is an emblem of security. Before registering your vehicle, you need to have sufficient proofs of financial responsibility as per the needs of the state. It can be either a copy of a car insurance policy or a bond by an insurance company recognized by the state. It can also be the certificate or receipt of the deposit a sum of $40,000 in cash with the Department of Motor Vehicle or DMV of the state.

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and has to function as per the laws of the state. The minimum liability in Arizona is divided as follows-

Bodily Injury- Every car owner and driver must have Bodily Injury coverage worth $15,000 for a single person and $30,000 for an entire accident. It pays for the injuries and damages you have caused. It however does not pay for your medical expenses. For that, you need to have Medical coverage.

Property Damage- Each and every car owner and driver need to have at least coverage worth $10,000. In case there is an accident and you are at fault, it pays for the damages you have done to the victim’s car. However, you need to have Collision coverage to protect your own car.

When it comes to big cities like Phoenix, the minimum liability is hardly sufficient. Listed below are some of the useful but optional policies you can add to your auto insurance in Phoenix.

Medical Payment Coverage- Medical Payment Coverage is usually included in the minimum liability coverage in some states. Arizona however makes it optional. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important coverage you might want to opt for. The rates of this scheme are quite reasonable. Usually most applicants like to go for a $5,000 plan. It pays for the injuries you have incurred in an accident whether you are at fault or not. In cases of accidents, your health insurance stands a high chance of living gaps especially in the cases of co-pays, out of network services, deductibles, etc. However, your Medical Payment policy does not.

Collision Coverage- Collision coverage is quite a beneficial plan to add to your auto insurance in Phoenix. Here, the insurer is contract bound to take care of your vehicle. Usually, when your car is damaged by another party in an accident, it is the culprit’s Property Damage coverage to compensate for the damages your vehicle incurs as a result of the crash. However, your Collision coverage can be more helpful in such cases. Firstly, it assures to take care and financially protect your car irrespective of who is at fault in the accident. You can also get the repairs started on your car faster than the liability carrier since there is no scope for a detailed investigation. Secondly, the guilty party’s insurance will take the required time to investigate the accident, its occurrence, circumstances and its consequences, and will start by offering you a reduced percentage. Your insurance company will claim the amount from the other party’s agency. It is a no-loss situation for you and your insurer. Your company cannot raise the rates in this case unless you are more than 50% at fault.

Comprehensive Coverage- Comprehensive coverage is either offered along with Collision Coverage, or sold separately, according to the needs and the preferences of the applicant. This policy protects your car from theft, fire and non-traffic accidents. In places Phoenix where crime rates are high, this coverage turns out to be a real blessing.

The Uninsured Motorist Coverage- the Uninsured Motorist coverage comes to play when an accident leaves you injured and the guilty party has no insurance. You can then claim coverage from this policy. Statistics show that out of all the accidents recorded, as many 30% to 40% of them are caused by uninsured drivers. This coverage is optional but is highly recommended by the experts. You can make an Uninsured Motorist claim, till three years after the actual occurrence of the accident. Remember, that this claim only covers the expenses for the treatment of the injury you may have sustained as the result of the accident. In case of a liability claim, you are duty bound to give a statement while making a claim. Also, you need to cooperate with them, while they investigate the incident. In case of an UM claim, the company as per the contract gets direct access to your medical reports. Lastly, you must not forget, that making an UM claim makes your rates go up. Such things may only happen when you are more than 50% at fault in an accident or you change your insurance company before the expiration of the contract. The Arizonan laws protect the insured form unreasonable hike in the premium rates.

The Underinsured Motorist Coverage- the Underinsured Motorist Coverage or the UIM is another useful and highly recommended. It is usually offered by some insurance agencies and need not be purchased. If you are injured in an accident caused by a driver who does not have sufficient coverage, then through this policy you can recover the unpaid amount. This claim is pursued after the liability plan has been settled.

If you are planning to make a claim on your Phoenix auto insurance, you must remember that in Arizona, most insurance companies try to close filed claim as low and as quickly as possible. The Insurance Commission of Arizona makes the companies legally bound to conduct a thorough investigation and fairly evaluate each claim. However, it does not clearly mention the violations. The party at fault has limited obligation towards you and may or may not choose to act kindly or quickly. However, you can do your part by accumulating enough evidence like the witnesses of the accident, medical bills, repair bills, etc. These will at least make the process easier.

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Does Profession Affect the Car Insurance Rate in Phoenix?


It is not a known fact that the current market has many companies competing with each other to gain clients. In the process, every company comes up with a cheaper rate than others to attract customers. With so many options the task of choosing a policy might get tricky. In the past, people had to chase insurance agents or call up companies to ask for their best rates. With the advent of technology and internet, the task of finding the cheapest quotes from insurance providers registered in Phoenix DMV has become easier and it takes less time as compared in the past.

Now you can choose the cheapest quotes by simply sitting back at your home. All you need is an internet connection. Companies provide cheap car insurance in Phoenix by putting their quotes up on the respective websites. From here on the process becomes simple. You need to log on to a website to start off. Then you need to fill in a form and submit it. The form mainly collects information about what you are looking for as coverage and then provides you with the options that suit your needs.


Phoenix is one of the most populous cities in the US and it could be simple or difficult for you to get a cheap car insurance approved by Phoenix DMV based on your profession. Some insurers think students to be typically young and reckless. Some think journalists to be associated with social gatherings and drinking habits which increases their premium rates. People employed in entertainment, arts and sports are charged more. Police officers and teachers are often considered to be high on morale and hence charged less. The most favoured professionals as far as car insurance agencies are concerned are scientists. Scientists attract very low rates because they are assumed to be extremely responsible and dutiful due to their nature of profession.


Since there are numerous insurance companies that provide you different quotes, it is best advised to first know what you want. And then you need to do some research on the internet about various reputed companies that offer quotes. To get the cheapest and most effective car insurance in Phoenix, run a free price check on the quote engines available on the internet and find out the carrier which provides you the best rate. Do not forget to choose wisely and mention your job title correctly to get a cheap insurance for your car.

Why Is It Necessary to Comply with the Phoenix DUI Laws?

Car is something that we always want to have for ourselves. But the huge amount involved makes us plan for it first than doing it hastily. Once we have our own car, our responsibility also increases manifold. The added duties should all be fulfilled. There are many laws today that are strictly enforced in all parts of the world. Similarly the DMV is also very strict with implementing DUI laws in Phoenix. The most important set of laws are the ones that deal with drunk driving which is commonly known as the DUI law. This law’s main goal is to prevent road disasters such as accidents that can cause harm and damages to its residents. It is easy to understand the authority’s main concern is safety.In getting auto insurance, you can compare various insurances available in the market and get a good idea of how much you can save from which policy. Make sure that companies can provide you the information you need to make a good choice. Even if your car is insured, if you do not follow the rules and regulations you will be penalized.


The laws enable the department to take strict action against you if you are caught with alcohol intake in your body while behind the wheel. Once caught, aside for the monetary fine your car insurance might also get cancelled. If they find out that you have been recorded under such DUI laws in Phoenix, then they are going to mark you as a rash driver. If not cancelled, your premiums might increase by 50%. You will be facing many consequences like imprisonment, fines, mandatory ignition lock, or even confiscation of license and other documents. This only shows how strict the authorities are regarding this specific event of drinking and driving.

To retrieve your reputation, it is important to be aware if the safety measures. You can start it by installing safety features on your car with the basic ones first such as seat belts and air bags. Next step is to take driving courses and be aware of the traffic laws. Once this are accomplished, insurance companies will see you as a responsible driver who can take care of his own car while on the road even with your previous violation.

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