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What are the Mandated Car Insurance Rules by Phoenix DMV?

Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona. Whatever be the laws of Phoenix is determined by the state laws of Arizona and Arizona does have a very strict set of laws that are followed out to the last word by the Phoenix DMV. Car insurance is something that we all require if we own a car, may it be in any part of the world. Car insurances are something, which are required for our own safety and benefit. However, there are very specific laws when it comes to car insurances in each state and in turn in each country, which need to be followed. It is always advisable to take a good look at the car insurance laws in Phoenix if you want to get car insurance. Look and do whatever it takes to abide with the norms of the DMV.

Laws – Meant To Be Followed and Not To Be Broken

Arizona as a state and Phoenix in turn as its capital has a very clear-cut and straight set of laws that simply have to be followed. There are n numbers of laws when it comes to car insurance but perhaps the most important one is the Mandatory Insurance law.

What Does This Regulation State?

According to this particular law if one is a resident of Phoenix and owns a car, then one must have a car insurance liability and that too of a minimum fixed sum of money. It is not just that. As per the rules and regulations of the Phoenix DMV, you must get your insurance from a licensed company, which is recognized by the state, or your insurance policy will not count. Thus, when you do get car insurance then make sure that you get it from a company that is licensed and registered. If anyone is caught, plying the roads with their vehicles without proper car insurance papers in order then the Phoenix DMV will be forced to take major actions against the one who has broken the law.

If one is caught without insurance in traffic or in case of accidents then the penalties that he will have to face are quite severe. Primarily his license will be seized and then he might be asked to surrender his vehicle for a certain period until his insurance papers get in order. The Phoenix DMV also asks the insurance company whether if you have car insurance and whether it is still active or not. If you are caught with an expired insurance, then you will have to face the same consequences as that of the ones faced by a person who does not have insurance. When you are caught, you will be asked for proof and if you are unable to provide them then necessary steps will be taken. If you provide a false document then the penalties against you will be far more severe.

These are some of the many laws stated by the Phoenix DMV and hence it is best to abide by them in all circumstances.