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Smart Ways of Searching for Auto Insurance in Phoenix for Senior Drivers

The elderly are our most precious assets. Finding auto insurance in Phoenix, which is right for senior citizens, is often a tough task due to two sides of the same coin. Many vehicle insurance companies feel that the elderly are riskier customers owing to their age while some sections of this industry regard them as safer customers.

They are regarded as safer customers because of their driving experience, maturity, wisdom, and a heightened sense of responsibility. In this sense, finding good auto insurance in Phoenix might not pose a problem as senior citizens are often offered discounts, as they are less prone to accidents and rash driving.


Senior citizens are mostly seen to drive more carefully and responsibly. They are also seen to have more respect for traffic laws and are involved in a fraction of the violence and offences as compared to people from other segments and varied age groups.

This factor in turn, would lead to lesser accidents and lesser accidents would mean fewer repairs and damages. This means minimal claims from the car insurance company over the span of time that a senior citizen uses the vehicle.

Discounts are therefore offered, as insurance companies remain assured regarding safety and security and elderly people are seen to have almost no claims at all for the entire duration of time that the auto insurance in Phoenix plan used. In all, it translates to a win-win situation for the vehicle insurance company.

On the other side of the spectrum, many companies regard senior citizens as a huge risk. This is owing to their increased age and the physical and mental decline it brings. This school of thought puts forward the argument that senior citizens are the most prone to accidents. This is because according to this view, because of old age there is reduced alertness and responses to critical situations. This, itself, is a sure shot cause of accidents. In addition, elderly citizens drive the slowest and sometimes in busy urban traffic or highways, this leads to rear end collisions. These incidents happen, as they do not drive fast in situations, which require them to do so. Therefore, car insurance premiums for elderly citizens are often highly priced and they may sometimes face reluctance with regard to being insured.

It is a tricky situation to balance. Discounts can be had though, via certain work situations and profiles, which merit the same. If the customer has served in the army or has been a distinguished government official, doctor, lawyer, or any such high profile profession over the years, it may be easier to find good insurance packages that do not strain one’s pocket.

Your solution lies in careful investigation of all available plans on offer that would enable you to make your choice.

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