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Saving Tips for Car Insurance Policy Holders in Phoenix

Statistics show that the auto insurance quotes in the State of Arizona is about 10% lower than the national average. Phoenix too, pays comparatively lesser in car insurance, than other urban centers like New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. Nevertheless, it is a costly affair, but is solely intended to protect you from vehicular mishaps. There are a number of ways to save up on your car insurance in Phoenix. Most insurance companies provide attractive discounts to those meeting the criteria of eligibility. Let us discuss a few such standard discounts agencies give to their applicants.

Most insurance firms provide a loyalty discount. If you have more than one insurance policy with the same agency, then it usually provides you large discounts on either one of the policies, or both policies at a reduced price. Are you consciously trying to save up on your Phoenix auto insurance policy? Then try to purchase your home insurance, health insurance, medical insurance and auto insurance from the same company. Ask your insurance companies whether they have insurance packages comprising of all or a combination of insurance schemes mentioned above. If so, it is best to go for such a policy, and at the end of the day, you will end up saving quite a lump sum or get more benefits at a lesser price.

Premiums are always high for those with an unimpressive driving record. When it comes to yielding big discounts and benefits from your car insurer, a good driving record goes a long way. If your driving profile is free from traffic violations like DUI and DWI charges, speeding, and at fault accidents, then you can easily avail such a discount, as your insurance company will categorize you as a low-risk’ driver. In case you are insuring all the licensed drivers in your family, make sure all the members possess a clean driving history. The company would definitely like to cross check and verify your claim. Therefore, it is best to carry a document of proof from the Arizona DMV.

Some agencies offer its clients, discounts, if they are not for even once, charged of any at-fault accidents for a significant span of time. It is done so, as such drivers save the company from heavy claims. This discount can help you save up quite an amount on your auto insurance premium in Phoenix. A number of insurance companies offer a discount to those who undergo a state approved driver’s training program, conducted by a licensed instructor, or a registered organization. Such programs usually include classes on traffic rules, safety norms, and the basic information on the functioning of the car. In addition, special emphasis is given on driving under extreme circumstances like traffic congestions and climatic adversities. You must provide your insurance company with ample evidence that you were enrolled in such a course, and completed and cleared it with excellence. The eligibility for such a discount may vary from company to company on the grounds of age, marital status, and area of residence.

It a fact well known that drivers under the age of 25 fall under the high-risk category, and thus have to pay a large sum as auto insurance premium. However, most auto insurance companies in Phoenix and the rest of Arizona offer discounts to high school, college, and university students based on merit. If you are a good student, and can provide enough proofs of your academic achievements, then you can easily go for this discount. The conditions vary from company to company, but mostly students with high GPA, or grades (whichever applicable), good ranks are given attractive discounts. For students who are home schooled, the discounts are evaluated according to their scores and ranking in the national standardized examinations like PSAT, ACT, SAT, PLAN, etc. Drivers aged below 25, meeting the scholastic requirements of the insurance company are also considered.

In most American households, each member has a car of his/her own. A number of insurance agencies offer discounts, if you have more than one car. You can either insure them under a single plan, or buy separate insurance, based on your needs and requirements. If you and your family members (by marriage, blood, adoption, or address) jointly own a number of cars, and are designated in the policy as the insured, then you get to pay a reduced premium. Again, this sort of discount is company specific. So make sure you ask your insurer about the criteria needed to avail such a discount. If your car is used only for specific purposes, like driving to and from work and school, or has limited usage, then you can opt for a low mileage discount. In addition, most companies sell insurance for used cars at a reduced rate.

By equipping your car with efficient safety gadgets, you can fetch yourself discounts. Anti-theft and anti vandalism devices such as alarms and digitized wheel and fuel lock systems qualifying the federal safety standards, have proven to be quite effective. Additionally, good quality seat belts, air bags, daytime running lights, head restraints etc, will also slash your auto insurance premium rates.

Besides discounts, there are a number of other means you can practice to bring down your auto insurance rate in Phoenix. You can choose to pay a higher deductible on optional coverage schemes. Going for a small and inexpensive car can also help. If the model of your car is a favorite with thieves and vandals, then naturally, your insurance company will come up with the risk, by charging more for the insurance. However, the most effective way to save up on your car insurance in Phoenix is by comparing quotes. Try to get hold of the quotes of as many companies as you can. There are a number of websites offering this service, free of cost. By doing so, you get a clear picture of which agency is offering what, and for how much. You can then choose from one of them, according to your needs. Enter your zip to compare and choose.