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Factors Affecting Car Insurance Rate in Phoenix

As per the traffic and vehicular laws of Arizona, every car plying on the streets of the state are to be insured. Failure of this, the car owner can be heavily penalized. Phoenix falls under the jurisdiction of Arizona and has to comply by the rules and the laws of the state. Now the price of auto insurance in Phoenix varies according to various factors. One’s age, gender, and marital status plays an important role in this case. People belonging to different phases of their lives pay different amount as auto insurance.

Young drivers below the age of twenty-five or with less than three years of driving experience are considered to be high risk drivers. They are also compelled to pay more on their premium in the form of additional surcharge. Since it is based on statistical data of road accidents and traffic rule violations, there is not much you can do to reduce the cost of your car insurance. However, some insurers offer discounts to good students with their academic records as basis.

Married men and women are put in the low-risk category. It is because observations have shown that they are vested with responsibilities and recklessness driving is not their cup of tea. Their driving patterns are quite predictable. As a result, it is easier for them to get hold of Phoenix cheap car insurance. If you and your spouse merge your car insurance policies you can get big discounts. Also, there is a multi-car discount if each of you own separate cars. In that case, you can end up saving as much as 20% on the entire amount you pay for insurance.

In case you and your partner decide to part ways, then your auto insurance policy changes as well. However, you need not make immediate changes during your separation period but still continue to reap benefits on your multiple cars and other discounts on your existing policy.

If you decide to extend your separation period, immediately inform the company selling you cheap car insurance in Phoenix regarding the decision. You need to send them information and proof regarding the parking and garaging locations of your respective automobiles. It may be that each of you needs to acquire separate car insurance plans in this case. In terms of liability, it is a good option; otherwise, you will be in charge of each other’s liabilities.

In case the policy of your spouse expires, you need to approach your auto insurance company to review and restructure the entire policy. In case you have more than one car under your policy and you still them, then you can still enjoy multiple car benefits and discounts. If your rates go up after the death of your partner, the best option for you is to change your insurance company for a cheaper policy.

It is advisable for newly married couples to wait before they merge their insurance or go for a joint one. Have a talk with each other before arriving to a conclusion. Don’t forget to compare quotes either. Some insurance companies offer attractive insurance packages to newlyweds.

As beneficial and lucrative as it may sound, joint auto insurance come with its own limitations. Past instances of DUI charges and traffic violations in either of your records can make your auto insurance premium significantly blow up to into huge amounts. To top it all, the offender may end up having his license suspended and the insurance company may choose to prematurely terminate the policy or refuse to insure you at all. Thus, for one’s bad driving record other people suffer. When faced with such problems, you can choose to do the following.

•             You can exclude your partner out of the policy. You need to formally inform the insurance company and the approval of the remaining policyholder and of the excluded policyholder. The process is usually swift and hassle-free. You can again include your partner once his record improves.

•             If your company refuses to insure your partner or include him in the existing plan, then you can suggest getting insurance with another agency. In fact, there are a number of agencies which specifically offer insurance to high-risk drivers.

•             Convince your partner to take special driving classes preferably one that your insurance company supports.

Senior citizens drivers are usually considered to be high-risk drivers. With the progress of age, slowing down of body functions and the decrease of physical, a number of disorders related to age begin to crop up. However, a number of states in the USA make it sure that through the laws, senior citizens get at least a certain amount of discount on their car insurance scheme. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) conducts driving programs and classes to ensure that they can curb such problems while driving. The program called 55 Alive includes classes for driving under various circumstances and making them aware of the various facilities that a car needs to have to make it safe for the use of senior citizens. Easy seat belts and gears, clean error free mirrors, comfortable seats, and sufficient amount of security devices are a must for a car owner. Also, they are also made aware of certain types of car models which are easier to use. If you pass such a driving program, then your insurance company is supposed to give you a discount. Moreover, discounts are also provided to elderly drivers on the basis of the car usage. Most senior citizens have limited places to go to. If reliable proofs are shown, you can get this discount as well.

Car insurance prices vary depending on age, marital status, and other factors. Despite the high prices, careful planning and good driving records can fetch quite a good bargain and get hold of car insurance in Phoenix at low rates.

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