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Factors That Affect Auto Insurance Quotes In Phoenix

Arizona is quite stringent, when it comes to its traffic laws, and shows little mercy to drivers driving drunk. Phoenix, being a part of this desert state, has to comply with the Arizonan laws. The legal limit of the Blood Alcohol Concentration is 0.08, beyond which, you are charged with Driving Under the Influence or DUI and Driving While Intoxicated or DWI. For professionals driving while on duty, the legal limit of BAC is even less. It is about 0.04. Now, DUI charges mean legal hassles. In addition, it blots your driving record, and makes your auto insurance quotes in Phoenix go up to sky-high amounts.

In order to slap you with a DUI and DWI charge, the prosecutor must prove that you were impaired by intoxicating substances like alcohol, drugs, or both. The level of impairment is first based on preliminary observations like one’s gaze, physical appearance, walking patterns, and field sobriety drills. No two individuals are the same and respond differently to the same quantity of intoxicants. Observations from a law enforcement officer that may lead to being stopped and arrested include:

•             Overtly wide and narrow turns

•             Being too cautious and thus driving way below the required speed

•             Hitting or nearly hitting someone or something.

•             Driving along the centerline instead of choosing either side

•             Unpredictable patterns of braking.

•             Not maintaining sufficient distance from the vehicle in front

•             Erratic pattern of motion, from one point of the road to another

•             Switching lanes, and moving on each side of the center line

The next step includes taking the offender to the nearest police station, to calculate his/her Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). It is done with the help of breath tests using an analyzer, and medical tests like blood and urine examinations.

In the state of Arizona, every DUI offender has to serve a certain period. Now the jail time varies on a number of factors.

In addition to prison time, there are other penalties like fines and license suspension. Additionally, first time offenders are penalized lesser than multiple time offenders are. According to the laws of Arizona, you are legally bound to submit to a chemical examination of BAC, if requested by law enforcement personnel on duty. If you refuse to take a blood or a breath test, or do not cooperate with the law enforcement personnel, then your license is immediately suspended for as long as one year. However, special permits to drive under certain circumstances are given after 90 days. You have however, the right to remain silent before talking to your attorney.

DUI charges are usually dealt by the Arizona DMV. If you are caught driving under the influence of alcoholic substances in Phoenix, you stand the risk of getting you license suspended. The process usually takes place before your court hearing. If your BAC is above the legal limit of 0.08, then the convicting officer hands you an affidavit stating your license number. You license will be suspended within fifteen days. The period of suspension is of 90 days, but after 30 days, you get limited driving privileges, like driving to and from court and rehabilitation.

DUI offenders often have to cough up huge sums as fines. The fines can be roughly broken up into the following:

•             A base fine varying from $250* to $500*

•             The Arizona Xtra DUI assessment charge between $500* to $1250*

•             The Arizona DUI Surcharge ranging from $200* to $400*

•             The Prison Construction Assessment fee of $500* to $1250*

•             Prison Construction Assessment = $500*

•             A probation surcharge of $10*

Ignition lock is another charge you will face, if you are charged of DUI. It uses the latest technology to check your breath and analyze the amount of alcohol in your system. If alcohol is found in your body, then the vehicle will not start. Since September 2007, the state of Arizona has made it mandatory for all DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock device.

Most people charged with DUI and DWI has to undergo drug and alcohol screening. It is based on these tests, you are ordered to attend substance abuse education and other rehabilitation programs. In severe cases, the court may order the accused to undergo treatment.

Every resident must be aware of one important DUI rule. Arizona has a policy of zero tolerance towards underage drinking. If you are below the age of 21, and alcohol and/or other intoxicating substances are found in your system, even in negligible traces, you end up facing heavy penalties like probable prison sentence, fines, and temporary inactivation of licensure for two years. Thus, minor drivers may stay away from alcohol altogether. You can find Phoenix car insurance quotes that are affordable even though you have had DUI or DWI charges previously.

A DUI charge can get you into many legal troubles. In severe cases, you should approach a good attorney or a lawyer to present your case in the court. There are lawyers and attorneys in Phoenix specializing in DUI and DWI cases. Carry all your queries, and ask the lawyer about his/her experience in dealing with cases like yours. Discuss in details, the strategies he/she is to undertake to defend you. It is best to approach a number of lawyers, and finally selecting one with whom you find reliable. Proper representation can clear you or at least reduce your charges, and as a result, make your auto insurance quotes in Phoenix go down. Make sure, that he/she is licensed to practice in Arizona.

Petty troubles like DUI and DWI are easily avoidable. Try to lead a clean and alcohol free life. In case you end up drinking too much, then choose not to drive. Live your life responsibly.

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How to Deal with DUI Offences and Phoenix DMV?

The Phoenix DMV has many harsh measures in place to curb DUI offences. What will you do if a DUI offence is suspected on you or suddenly placed on you? You need to deal with the situation in a firm manner that involves many steps.

You should always cooperate with all facets of the investigation. If you are required to take certain tests such as a blood test or urine test, this falls under the law of implied consent and you had implicitly consented when you were issued your driver’s license. You should never show reluctance if you are stopped for such a purpose. Failure or reluctance to take this test would mean a suspension of license for a year even if there is no DUI offence that you are directly accused of the same. If the license were suspended because of DUI violations in Phoenix, it would mean a suspension of almost 30 to 90 days.

A form always asks you whether you want to preserve a sample or waive it off altogether. Never opt for waiving your sample, as it would be a wrong step to take. Always arrange to have a test done on your own at any other hospital. There are chances that the BAC might well be lower than 0.08 percent. This will help you substantiate your case.

You should also ask for a hearing at the Phoenix DMV center within a period of fifteen days if you want to save your precious license from being suspended. You will be given a form and this contains a paragraph, which will tell you how to request a hearing for saving your license.

You are not required to have an attorney if you are charged with a DUI offence. Usually, a court will appoint a qualified attorney for you. You may however choose to appoint one in the middle of your case if you feel that you need to have a strong point of defense for your case. Walking in and pleading guilty will sometimes do well other than fighting the case yourself. If you have the required domain knowledge, you can fight it yourself but for that, you need to have the ability to question witnesses and police officers all by yourself.

If you have to hire a personal injury attorney, you are well advised to go for somebody who has experience in handling DUI cases. An experienced lawyer may be able to overturn the charges against you largely. A good advocate will not alienate the other side and keep you on track as well.

These are the steps to follow when dealing with DUI cases. Remember, the most important thing is to stay calm and focused on getting the best possible result for you.

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The Comprehensive Guide of Phoenix DMV of DWI Offences

The Phoenix DMV has always been a much feared body and authority in the area due to the strict enforcement of its laws regarding DWI or DUI offences. Such offences usually merit harsh punishments and the department of motor vehicles makes no exception in this regard for offenders. There are many things that you may need to know about Phoenix DWI laws and corresponding penalties. Proper knowledge will also lead to more responsibility and lesser accidents for fear of the law.

The Phoenix DMV usually classifies such offences under types:


The blood alcohol concentration should be within 0.08%, which is the upper limit for adults. Anything above this is risky and merits severe punishment. Anything which goes up to the upper limits of 0.15% or more is more risky, as the punishments are of the worst kind.

All this is determined via respective chemical tests, which the driver should mandatorily take. Alongside, if a driver is reluctant or refuses to take the chemical test, he or she will automatically charged of a driving under influence or Phoenix DUI offence, which is comparatively less harsh.

There is also a screening process for those into substance abuse. If the court and officials of the department determine that the offender has a history of substance abuse, then the court may direct him/her to report for counseling, educational programs and rehabilitation, all of which he/she is bound to follow. All such programs have to be approved by the Department of health and additional authorities wherever required. In addition, the incumbent is even more directed by the court to take part in these programs especially if he/she has the financial resources to do so.

The driving license of offenders’ remains suspended until these offenders have completed the mandatory counseling programs. In addition, licenses are kept on probation for a total duration of up to 3 years if not more. If the offence is serious and leads to deaths or severe injuries of bystanders, there will be jail time and severe fines that you will have to pay.

What you will require is an efficient lawyer who will fight the case appropriately and get you the verdict you rightfully deserve! It is advisable to consult a good lawyer before opting to fight a case. The best way possible is to avoid any such offences and to drive safe.

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What are the DUI Offences and Correspoding Punishments Mandated by Phoenix DMV?

In Phoenix, Arizona, the Phoenix DMV reigns supreme over road offenders. It takes it upon itself to control traffic violations and instances of drunken driving. DUI or driving under influence offences in Phoenix requires a thorough explanation.

There are DUI laws in Phoenix under the administration of the Phoenix DMV, which are targeted at preventing drivers from getting behind the wheel after drinking. The main base for these laws is the blood alcohol concentration percentage that has been pegged at 0.08 percent. The department of motor vehicles may stop you on suspicion of a DUI offence. You have to act accordingly.

If the officer asks for your identity verification, you have to provide your license and registration. If you cannot find them or fumble around too much while searching for them, it will seem like you have had too much to drink. So be composed and provide identification proof without any fumbling.

You should also refuse to take sudden field tests. These involve the performing of basic functions such as counting on your fingers, walking on a line, saying the alphabet, following a light with your eyes and holding a leg up while counting and so on. There is no legal pre-requisite for you to take these tests. Whatever you do here, might be used against you as evidence. Do not get intimated by the commands of the officers. Just stay polite and refuse to abide by such tests.

Officers will want to search your car and they may phrase this desire with questions, which may seem commonplace or friendly. If they have a search warrant, they will search you anyway. If not, they will ask you for your permission. You must always say no firmly and boldly. This will make it seem like you are in control.

They will want to ask you some questions regarding what you drank and so on. You have to be bold enough to keep it short and not say anything, which might be potentially damaging. You might want to consult your attorney. Even if you do not, just reiteration of an attorney will keep things in control.

Remember, cooperation is the key element here. Also, maintain a cool head, talk soberly and answer as many questions properly as you can.

Creating such a good impression may lead to minor charges or total relief from DUI convictions in Phoenix altogether. This will also have a bearing on your car insurance plan so try to be as responsible as you can. You should be on the lookout for every opportunity to prove your sobriety and normal condition after drinking. If you are relieved from facing such charges, you can be assured of getting good insurance plans and your driving record will get a boost as well.

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Why Is It Necessary to Comply with the Phoenix DUI Laws?

Car is something that we always want to have for ourselves. But the huge amount involved makes us plan for it first than doing it hastily. Once we have our own car, our responsibility also increases manifold. The added duties should all be fulfilled. There are many laws today that are strictly enforced in all parts of the world. Similarly the DMV is also very strict with implementing DUI laws in Phoenix. The most important set of laws are the ones that deal with drunk driving which is commonly known as the DUI law. This law’s main goal is to prevent road disasters such as accidents that can cause harm and damages to its residents. It is easy to understand the authority’s main concern is safety.In getting auto insurance, you can compare various insurances available in the market and get a good idea of how much you can save from which policy. Make sure that companies can provide you the information you need to make a good choice. Even if your car is insured, if you do not follow the rules and regulations you will be penalized.


The laws enable the department to take strict action against you if you are caught with alcohol intake in your body while behind the wheel. Once caught, aside for the monetary fine your car insurance might also get cancelled. If they find out that you have been recorded under such DUI laws in Phoenix, then they are going to mark you as a rash driver. If not cancelled, your premiums might increase by 50%. You will be facing many consequences like imprisonment, fines, mandatory ignition lock, or even confiscation of license and other documents. This only shows how strict the authorities are regarding this specific event of drinking and driving.

To retrieve your reputation, it is important to be aware if the safety measures. You can start it by installing safety features on your car with the basic ones first such as seat belts and air bags. Next step is to take driving courses and be aware of the traffic laws. Once this are accomplished, insurance companies will see you as a responsible driver who can take care of his own car while on the road even with your previous violation.

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The Punishments of Violating the DWI and DUI Laws of Phoenix

Strict punishment for drunk drivers in Phoenix

Cars have been a thing to look out for. The craze of car fanatics has been a prime reason for the hike in car sales over the last decade. One main important law that you have to follow once you have brought a car is to get auto insurance.

If you are caught for violating traffic laws, it is better not to fight back. Traffic enforcers can precede chemical tests to know if you took the risk to drive while intoxicated. This is a very reliable method. The punishment for committing such crime is severe even for first time offenders.

Phoenix cheap car insurance can cover for the damages. Accidents due to reckless driving will not only going to cost you financially but can also satin your clean driving record. You can suffer financial loss, imprisonment, community service, mandatory ignition lock and confiscation of your license and car registration.

The penalties and punishments depend on the level of BAC found on your system. The higher it is, the more serious the consequences could be. It also depends how many times the same violation has been done. This will be seen on your driving history. The difference for the punishment for first time offenders from three times offender. Violating the DWI or DUI law more than three times can be called habitual violator.

One other risk you can suffer with DWI law violation. It can get you to higher cost and premium for your auto insurance. The worst scenario is getting it cancelled by your insurance company. The most important thing you can to avoid traffic violation is to drive as careful as you can. You can even republish your driving skills by getting driving courses. Install safety features on your vehicle and use your car less often.

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What are the DUI Laws of Phoenix that Affects Auto Insurance Quotes?

No drunk driving in Phoenix

Cars are something that has caught everyone’s attention since the beginning. The joys associate with buying a car is tremendous and people get crazy when they lay hands on their favourite car. According to the laws you need to insure your car. If not, severe penalties and punishments are on hand. Getting car insurance might be a hectic procedure and hard to maintain but because the market is taking a huge leap in terms of policies and insurances, there’s no need to worry since there are experts that can help you.

With auto insurance quotes in Phoenix, it will be very easy for you to choose the one that suit your requirements and budget. There’s no need to go to different insurance providers just to get one. Conveniently, the search can now be done through the internet.  You get the prices of all kinds of insurances from various companies in a single place. This helps you since it is proven to be time and money saving. You can start it by providing us your ZIP code.

But with buying insurance your responsibilities does not end there. There are many laws that you need to follow. The most important of them are the DUI law which in itself is considered to be the strictest motor vehicles laws present. There is no soft treatment for the offenders and huge fine penalties can be suffered. The police have many different styles of checking whether you are drunk or not. One thing you should never do is to obstruct the work of police. If you are innocent, they are going to leave you as someone accused falsely. Various techniques are used to know if the subject is guilty or not. It could be through breath analysis which tells them whether there has been alcohol intake or not. The penalties become harsher if you keep on committing same kind of violation a lot of times as a habitual offender.

The penalties and punishments depend on the level of BAC found on your system. The higher it is, the more serious the consequences could be. It also depends how many times the same violation has been done. This will be seen on your driving history. The difference for the punishment for first time offenders from three times offender. Violating the DWI or DUI law more than three times can be called habitual violator.

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